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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I have no idea who thought that making Revan a mid-point FP boss was a good idea. They did a better job in ruining the Exile character (KOTOR II) in the Revan novel however.

Come to think about it, the force unleashed is a catastrophy in it's own. Gameplay was fun but it's more about story in the SW games imo. Especially when they make a game dating inbetween two trilogies and making Vader look like a wuss.

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The one thing that made both Revan and the Exile great was that they were faceless, voiceless, genderless characters. They were are creation and we molded them as we saw fit. Was Revan a female Dark Jedi? Was the Exile a Male Jedi Warrior? They were whoever you wanted them to be. Then SWTOR decided to **** it all up by giving them a face, voice, gender, and worst of all: a history. It doesn't matter what your choices were in KOTOR because in the end Revan is a male that will aid the light side and marry Bastilla. It felt like Bioware took one big dump on everybody who played KOTOR 1 and 2 just by doing this. Hopefully if they ever make a KOTOR 3 they'll retcon SWTOR's storyline.

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