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I don't have any hope for Fable, Joabbuac. I would have had some hope had this been another third person action RPG with an open world or semi-open world, where you go on a giant storyline with quests and what have you like the previous games. They might have been able to do something to change it up. Take away the clothes and add armor again, make weapons more important, spice the combat up, etc. That's not the case, though.

Yeah, it's basically a dungeon crawler, Bonnar. There's supposed to be some sort of central hub that you have to collect quests and have a chest for your gear and what have you (think Daiblo 3 towns), and then you go out and dungeon crawl to complete them. It's a 5 player (or 4.. I think 5) online co-op dungeon cralwer. Which ultimately isn't a bad thing, dungeon crawlers can be fun, it just disappoints me that instead of trying to fix all of the problems with the Fable series, they are going to instead make something completely different that I don't think anybody actually wanted.
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