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Originally Posted by Craig88
It is a joke, its a joke that if it were reversed it would be a hate crime, to me if you commit a crime you should be punished accordingly. and when its 6 vs 1 and you kick the kid when hes unconcious then i would say thats attempted murder.
The article didn't mention the specifics of the beating.

You have to prove that a hate-crime is racially motivated. It's easy to prove a hate crime against skinhead gangs, because they are openly racist.

I've gotten jumped by 5 guys before and I have jumped people with a bunch of friends before,(when I was in High School), nobody ever got any permanent damages and nobody pressed charges. It's part of growing up.

If the roles were reversed and six white kids were looking at 100 years for beating a black kid, then you would be crying that the punishment is too harsh for a 16 yr old kid. Would that be just?
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