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Originally Posted by WaCkO92
well....mine sucks so i was wondering if you guys could help me out

ive heard this 5 or 6 small meals a day thing but what should i eat in these meals, just fruit and stuff?

also how much cardio should i do right now i do cardio everyday of the week except the days i train, which is 4, i go on some fairly tough biking for half an hour

btw ive cut my calorie intake by like half


Hi... Eating five/six times per day helps your body process the food intake rather than say eating 2000 calories in a course of three meals per day, eating 2000 calories in a course of six meals per day gives your body more time to process the food.

Eating three times per day with large portions will take longer for your body to process the food, store food automatically which increases fat on your body.

Eating six times per day decreases this risk and helps your body process the food... if your not looking to gain size merely drop alot of fat off your body then simply eating your regular meal but save half of it and placing this in the fridge and eating the other half say two hours later.... Do this with your breakfast/lunch/dinner..

Cardio: do asmuch as you feel you want to do (not what you can do)... you will persevere.

And foods you should be eating include fresh fish like cod, chicken breast, along with pasta, potatoes.
Fruit i would recommdn just using as your "snacks" throughout the day and not an essential, and possibly before your jogs/cycling.. as they are good energy sources.

i will be posting up a large nutritional thread soon

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