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Originally Posted by Craig88
yes i would because of the double standard. I in no way condone getting a group of people to attack one person no matter what color, it is very cowardly. how do you know they would get 100 yrs, is that the sentence for a hate crime
"Mychal Bell, 16, a former Jena High School football star, and five other black students had been facing the potential of up to 100 years in prison if convicted of attempted murder, conspiracy and other charges for the December beating of the white student, who was knocked unconscious but not hospitalized."

That's what the black kid is facing.

The White kid wasn't even hospitalized from the beating and these kids are facing hard time, bieng tried as adults. I think it's the black kids that are the real victims here.

If you hang nuces from trees and then the black kids jump you for it, take your beating like a man, but don't be a ***** and press charges, because the kid deserved to get his ass kicked. He was enough of a tough guy to hang a rope and taunt the black kids but when it came down to it he cried to the cops because he got beat up.

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