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Originally Posted by ChuckHawk
Does anyone take this supplement? If so, how does it work?
Thanks for the help.
Probably not. any supplement you take is just that; a supplement to your diet and exercise program. When you buy this and take it it's not going to be some miracle pill that will make you a mass monster. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're probably a hard gainer. I am too, I have tried almost every supplement and exercise program known to man.

Now 3 years later I'm still 5'9" 138 pounds and the only thing that has changed was the amount of money i wasted on supplements trying to get bigger.

Now back to the XNFG, it helps support the scretion of growth hormones. Now if you didn't know, people in their teens are already producing hormones at a accelerating rate until you turn 21 these hormones will peak and then aggressively decline. This supplement will do nothing big for you especially if your 21 or younger because yourth growth hormones are already peaking. I'd say this supplement would be more for someone who is looking to boost their already declining hormones (someone 30 or older)
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