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The first Manhunt game is probably one of the most violent games ever made. If you've ever played a Tenchu game, it's like a darker, more violent version. In the first Manhunt game, a madman has cameras everywhere and psychos stalk you. Kinda like a cross between Running Man and the SAW movies. You violently kill your opponents in stealthy ways, which are usually brutal and very visually real. If you beat a guy to death with a hammer, it looks and sounds pretty realistic, not comical like in the Grand Theft Auto games.

Games and movies are weird like that. They usually let you get away with splattering a vampire or a zombie or some other creature all over the screen, but put a human vs. a human and they get strict. George Romero, who did a series of zombie movies, often said the ratings board would let him keep in some pretty graphic scenes if he simply darkened the blood, or cut a violent scene by miliseconds.

Manhunt 2 was given a Mature rating and can still be released, but Sony and Nintendo said they would not release games with an "M" rating. But a game featuring nearly nude ladies for the PSP called "Pocket Pool" was released with an "M" rating. Sony America wouldn't allow porn to be released on UMD movies for the PSP, but their everywhere in Japan. Sony and Nintendo are just worried about the bad publicity and the parental groups.

Many of the "too violent" things are rumored to be things like ripping off an enemies balls, pulling out his eyes, violently beating them to death, visable suffering as the opponent dies, ect. And what sets all of this apart from games that also feature the same things like the Mortal Kombat games is that the killings are almost cartoony in the MK games. In the Manhunt games, they try to keep everything as real as possible, and now it'll cost them close to $1million to go back and edit the game.

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