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Originally Posted by Truuuax
I'm right handed, so my right has a lot of momentum, and a lot of snap in it and I am very happy with my right hooks and jabs. BUT... my left arm, no matter what I do, is hitting lighter more and more. I've tried tieing my right arm down and only punching with my left, also starting combinations with my left instead of right, but my left handed striking is just horrible right now. Any tips?
While, as someone else said, lifting weights can help with your punching power... The effect isn't very drastic, compared to some other things you could do.

If I were you, I'd look very carefully at my technique when I throw punches with my left hand. Questions you should be asking yourself are:

- Am I remaining loose until the moment of impact, or am I tightening my muscles prematurely? ( Though I'm sure you know this, I'll say it just in case you don't; if your muscles are taut during a punch, there are two groupings at work. One grouping is trying to extend the arm while the other is trying to retract it. They will counteract eachother, and the punch will be craptacular. On a hand that you're not comfortable with, its very easy to do this accidentally.)

- Am I torquing my hips and shoulders? Due to lack of coordination on your unfavored side, its possible that you're not turning your body into the punch, thus detracting from its power.

- Am I punching the target, or punching through the target? Again, because you're admittedly less coordinated with your left, its possible that you're not punching through the target, which results in a considerably weaker punch.

- Am I chicken-winging? A straight punch should come directly from the fighting stance. Sometimes people accidentally lift their elbow off to the side (like a chicken wing) when punching. This makes a punch alot weaker, due to bad alignment.

Anyway, if you could ask yourself those questions, watch for these potential mistakes it would likely do you some good. Also, ask an instructor about it. That person would likely be able to recognize such tendencies, and help you ammend them.
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