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It's still a solid show. But unlike some of the shows out there, all of em pretty consistent through and through. I wonder if it's because of how the comics are written (havn't read too many of em), or shuffle in creators. It went from Frank Darabont, Glen Mazzara, and now Scott Gimble as the show runner. The look and feel of the show is the same, but the direction is different. As I say you can give a book to 10 different directors to adapt into a film and you'll see 10 different films. Same applies here.

While the show has trailed off in some episodes and even entire seasons I suppose it was necessary to further develop the story. This is what makes the Soprano, Breaking Bad, and SOA, and especially GOT stand out. It gets better every new season. Also I don't feel there's an emotional attachment to the characters in TWD as opposed to the other series. Nonetheless I'll definitely continue watching cuz as long as the undead are lurking they are the stars of the show.

EDIT: Just saw this...hahah!

Marcus Aurelius: Tell me again, Maximus, why are we here?
Maximus: For the glory of the Empire, sire.

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