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I enjoyed the stand up a lot more on EA MMA than I did on undisputed (the whole arcady "get the guys head damage in the red to flash KO him " on undisputed was stupid) so I'm pretty excited. Them trashing their current ground system and rebuilding it is the icing for me. EA MMA was far from perfect, but I hope they keep some elements. The combinations were fun, and I liked how a flash knock out could happen at any time. 2 seconds into the fight or 14 minutes into the fight. It made you respect your opponents power no matter how superior you were. On undisputed, like I said, you needed to really damage a guy to get a flash knock out. Made it kind of unrealistic and if you're head and shoulders better than your opponent, AI or real player, it took away his punchers chance which is a big thing in MMA. Also, if your head happened to be in the red, just about anything knocks you out no matter how silly the strike looks being thrown at you. I feel like undisputed really dropped the ball when it came to knock outs. Might as well have been a variation of mortal kombat. "Get your opponents health low and finish him!"

No thanks, I prefer being Brett Rogers on EA MMA and absolutely owning someone in the first minute, but they land a single well timed left hook on my jaw as I'm leaning in and I'm knocked out despite not being hit at all during the fight before that. It forced me to respect my opponents power at all times and not get cocky. That's realistic and I hope that's apart of this game as well.

This game was one of the very few reasons I bought a ps4.

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