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Originally Posted by Kin
I always found that to be an interesting thing about JKD, the choice to fight with the power side forward. Do they advocate working intensly off of lead-side striking, then?

I just woke up so my message wasn't clear at all . I'll rephrase, me and a mate both did jkd and then moved over to kick boxing and Muay Thai, he fights southpaw but is right handed, i fight north paw and am right handed. Sorry about that lol.

Anyway, the teacher always says that it's always better fighting stronger side forward. When first getting into it, the footwork, which is a massive part of jkd, is easier stronger side forward but after fighting north paw in kick boxing, it'd be hard for me to go back to fighting like that. Stronger side forward might also be better when it comes to trapping as well, but i'm sure one of the Wing Chun people on here would be in a better position to explain that.

But my mate is an awkward fighter to spar with, you'll throw a jab out just to open him up and he'll immediately shoot in with a long right hook that just feels so much more powerful. He does tend to favour his jab over his cross as well.
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