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Originally Posted by Adora
Hold was Matt the deaf one. Cuz if he is than i wouldnt like to fight him. Im mean come on who wants to be the one to knock out the deaf guy. Nobody!! This is of course if Matt is the deaf one. How would you feel if you were fighting a deaf guy that may not have alot going for him in live and fighting is the only thing. I could be wrong
awww thats so kewl of u, empathy, i thought guys were bad at that, sorry, lol.
i dont think many mind cos he was treated pretty bad in the house anyway untill after "the talk".
i think they deserved it, but i dont think any of them will think twice about his deafness or hurting him bad, i mean they were a bit pissed off cos tito liked him.
truth is he's the only one apart from kalib i can stand in the house
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