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Originally Posted by SteSteez
Exactly why i have stopped buying consoles made by sony/nintendo... their marketing demographic is families/young kids/mid teens... and alot of games i wanna play are for adults... which is why i bought a xbox 360... marketed towards adults bigtime the console will have anything on it.
Not if a government agency or retailers decide to "ban" a title. Nintendo has long been know as a "family friendly" console, but even they have put out enough mature titles to entertain discerning adult gamers.

The whole thing that many gamers don't quite realize is that those who legislate are not people who grew up playing games. In a decade or two, issues like this will not be as applicably brought toward the forefront of knee-jerk political campaign like it is now. It's not a marketing scheme on the part of publishers either. A lot of that tends to back fire greatly if the publisher can not deliver on "the hype." Further, a small amount of media exposure at the expense of market shate is never anything a publisher with half a mind would willingly ask for.

The truth is, the ones in legislative positions are parents of current gamers now. Once those who grew up playing games get into office, the number of instances will lessen. As it is, Video Games are the "hot" new media format, and is going through the exact same demonization that radio, film, TV, comic books and music has already gone through. It is very easy to skapegoat something/someone whenever stuff hits the news, and stuff like this isn't anything really new.

What is continually upsetting to me is that Bills that make selling M rated games to minors a crime are continuously brought to both the State and Senate levels for consideration and ratification into law. To date: Michigan, Illinois and California (all supposedly "progressive" states) have all passed laws that have banned th sale of "M" rated games in some capacity or another, but so far the court systems have kept these laws from going into effect. There is currently a similar bill up for vote in the state of New York. If these laws were to go into effect, do you know how hard it is going to be in order to get rid of them? Multiple state law books are filled with obsolete, inane and ridiculous laws that have been around for over the past century. What I find even more upsetting is the fact that there is a large number of gamers who bitch about this sort of thing, but do nothing more about it.

My suggestion: Don't be "that guy." Keep yourself aware and make your voice known when issues like that come up to ballot. Join the Video Game Voters Network, and take a few minutes out of your day to let the politicians who make the false presumption that such actions can even be considered constitutional know that they are dead-f'n-wrong.

If you can post on a forum, you can write an email to these narrow-minded facists and let them know you - as a voter - won't allow that. I cannot stress that enough. Now, I'll get off my soapbox before I continue on.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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