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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Same way if I buy cheap trackies, the arse is 100% going to rip within 6 months

They haven't been approved to have the right material or stitching or whatever that makes the 'safer'.
The commission dictates standards of uniform in fights and its never been a problem in the past. Have you ever seen anyone's shorts rip in a UFC fight? I can't think of an instance. If you read about Dana's complaints here it's actually just because they looked cheap and freshly purchased and he called it embarrassing. Basically it was a fashion issue. That's idiotic IMO when Dana has a parking garage full of lamborghinis and tips dealers at casinos 10 grand but is paying mckenzie 20 grand per fight to fight twice a year and then after taxes, coaches, training partners, cornermen, supplements, equipment, Cody's lucky to take home half of that.

Should Cody have worn nicer shorts? I honestly don't care and it's insane to me that Dana would even speak up about that.

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