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Ok firstly Andrei Arlovski is a heavyweight who moves like a welterweight meaning he can out menouver all other heavyweight fighters he is a very powerfull striker too he should be No 1.

And Forest before Tito are you insane Tito has just beaten forest not to mention he was one of the most dominating champions in UFC History, he should at least be No 5.

Evan Tanner is another brilliant fighter just because he lost to Franklin that doesnt make him a bad fighter i mean come on we all know Loiseau got lucky and cut him open with elbows other than that he was being dominated he should be in the top five and so shoul Horn where as Loiseau should'nt even be on the list.

And finally the welterweights Diego No. 6 no i dont know where to start with this one bar far the most stupid out of a preety stupid list all around do yourself a favour delete diego and move frank trigg further up the list.

And in future read what youve written before posting you wont look like such an idiot in future.
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