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Originally Posted by prolyfic View Post
The whole WWE thing, you gotta figure is a calculated risk. Cause they charge im guessing about the same amount for their PPV's. So they arent going to go from 55 to 10 without some kind of catch or plan for the future.
It's actually hardly a risk. Think about it; suppose WWE gets $55 for pay-per-views. Figure some people still pay the standard-definition price and the PPV company gets half of it, so they WWE probably sees $25 per buy. The average show probably did like 250-300,000 buys (honestly less but Wrestlemania always does over a million so that's where I got that average number from). With the network, I think they will easily have a million subscribers by the end of 2014.

Granted UFC averages more buys than WWE does, but if UFC either switched to mainly TV with a few PPV's a year, or did a Fight Pass type thing with PPV's, then there wouldn't be so much pirating and they would have more fans.

I was just showing how the model is broken if someone can watch all WWE TV & PPV's, all NBA games, all NFL games, all MLB games, and Netflix combined for less than watching UFC.

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