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Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
If this fight goes to the ground Ronda should have the advantage, Ronda is not exactly the type of fighter that will let you sit in her guard. Im just not convinced Mcmann can stop Judo with wrestling especially in a mma setting.

Its really not that hard to beat Ronda just stay out of the clinch. Wrestlers are not clinch shy and I think when this fight is standing Ronda will be able to hit her throws.

Im not even sure McMann's striking is better than Ronda's, I guess we'll find out.
Actually McMann has fought a couple of Judo fighters but they couldn't do anything to her. Then again they weren't at the level of Ronda. She also has found herself in quite a few submissions, but again not at the level of Ronda. The problem with McMann at this point is she is like when the UFC first started and you had guys like Coleman who knew enough about subs to power out of them. Well Ronda is just after that level. She would get destroyed by any of the mens 135'ers not just because she is a woman but because they are WAY more well rounded than she is. At this time Ronda is way more well rounded and what she is versed in she is extremely well versed.

Long story short, in round 1 I expect McMann to probably get a TD and even get out of a sub by powering out. But she can't power out forever and we found out against Tate that Ronda can throw them forever.
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