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Originally Posted by Vale_Tudo View Post
Well, he did.

Must suck to fight your heart out on the prelims, then watch this dufus give 50k for "Performance OTN" to someone who spent 1 minute in the clinch and threw a knee.

These "OTN's" should be voted by the fans on their website after events, but no that would make to much sense and take away from the big mans ego
They let that happen once and it was a disaster. The crowd just voted by who their favorite fighter was instead of voting for who actually deserved it. And of-course they gave it to their fan favorite GSP. Instead of the fight that deserved it. Here is an article about it.

For the first time since the UFC has been handing out post-fight performance based fighter bonuses, the Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts promotion let the fans decide who would receive the “Fight of the Night” honors and $100,000 bonus money for UFC 124… and that was that last time the fans will get to make that choice.

The fans voted for the one-sided main event between welterweight titleholder Georges St-Pierre and challenger Josh Koscheck, and UFC president Dana White was baffled by the decision.

“It’s one of the hazards of letting the fans vote. They’re always chirping about how we messed it up, and here we are,” said White during the UFC 124 post-fight press conference.

Questioned if it was a one-time deal letting the fans vote on the “Fight of the Night,” White said, “Yes. They blew their chance. That’s it. It’s over.”

White felt, along with many others, that Sean Pierson’s unanimous decision win over Matt Riddle in preliminary action deserved to be named “Fight of the Night.”

“A prelim fight was the ‘Fight of the Night’ in my book,” said the UFC president. “And we’ll take care of those guys.”
In theory it would be great but as spiderman would say "with great power comes great responsibility" and fans cant seem to be responsible.

But Dana is obviously guilty of it just as the fans are. Dana White is sooo enticed with that Ronda vagina that he voted with his small pee pee instead of his brain. But atleast Dana is hitting it behind closed doors so i cant blame the guy. lol

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