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What I see is MMAF is getting over populated of spoiled fans. It is normal to have positive and negative criticism, but lately, when you go into a thread like this, the general idea is "everything sucks", "MMA is downhill", "Dana, Rogan and Ronda are just selling rotten tomatoes", "Herb Dean sucks big time", "those guys are two cans" (Cans > Fans, btw).

Every event is unpredictable. Fighters are doing their best, with all their good and bad calls and not every fight can be that exciting for everybody.

People are still discussing the excitement of women MMA and this is clearly a matter of opinion. You don't like women fighting, you don't like lighter divisions? Move along. Don't watch and thus don't waste time commenting.

The fight was short, so what? We just saw Ronda Rousey break her own streak of submissions and go toe to toe against a strong Olympic wrestler and not only made the fight standing but got the KO with precise knees to the liver. How that wasn't exciting?

People underestimate how painful and incapacitating blows to the liver can be. It is so destructive Sara collapsed to her knees like a bag of potatoes and did not care to protect her head. She was done. Sure after she is no longer in danger she recovered, it's not like she were unconscious. She was classy about HD, but she also knows she was in a world of trouble and doing zero to protect herself.

Sure I wanted to see more fight, but Ronda destroyed Sara.

Originally Posted by Parky-RFC View Post
Herb Dean is an embarrassment. He basically let TJ Waldburger get murdered in an unmeaningful fight and then stops a TITLE fight after one solid shot.
There's no such thing as an "unmeaningful fight" when we are talking about professionals here.
Maybe a street brawl following a traffic dispute could receive that label.
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