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Begining MMA

Hey guys, I really want to become a mixed martial arts fighter as soon as I'm done with college. I've been thinking for quite some time now. I love the competitiveness and I really miss being an athlete. However, I'm very OCD and competitive to the point where if I do something, I have to be the absolute best at it. I hate sucking at whatever I do and I hate losing. Like how hard is it to get into the UFC depending on how athletic and mentally strong you are? I don't want to do something without 100% effort but I'm scared that my 100% effort will just make me an average MMA fighter costing me my time and money. I'm thinking about the cost of food, coaches, gyms, injuries, etc. I guess I don't want to get stuck in a sport that's almost impossible to shine in. I'm very scared of putting in time and money into something that I won't be amazing in. I'm scared that I might have a fragile glass chin that I don't know about haha. I'm graduating from college soon and after I have a full time career I want to pick this up on the side.

To say a little more about myself, I'm 22 and I wrestled in high school. I qualified for states three times and placed twice (6th and 2nd). On top of that, I started wrestling in high school. I currently walk around 160 pounds and I consider myself incredibly strong for my size. If I were down to 7% body fat, I could walk around at 125 pounds easily. I cut a lot of weight in high school and dieting is something easy for me. How much time do just average MMA fighters put in a week? Where could I start as an amateur? Should I join an MMA gym first, boxing gym first, muay thai, etc.? What percentage of MMA fighters make it to the professional level and is this a sport that I'll end up losing money in?
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