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***MMAF All Access***--February 2014--

MMAF All Access

Welcome to this months edition of MMAF All Access! As always, we will take you around the forum, and we are back with another interview with one of the best members around! We apologize for the time since the last All Access, but at the time it was scheduled to go out, we just didn't have what we needed to make it a good issue. This one will be a really good one! So sit back and enjoy!

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MMAF Spotlight

This month we have a very special guest. She has been around for a long time. Known by everyone that regularly comes around here. To make things even better, after this edition, she will be in charge of future MMAF All Access'.


Well Liza err... Cupcake, let's jumop right into it.

Who is your favorite fighter?

Marloes Coenen

Why is Marloes your favorite fighter?

She is all business with no talk, she doesn't talk her way into fights, she trains hard and gets in there with whoever's placed in front of her. The perfect role model in an MMA world full of egos.

What is your favorite aspect of MMA?

The variables, from decisions, to KO's, sick submissions, grappling chessmatches or standup clinics. As a fan you get it all, and from so many different disciplines.

Also there's that element of the "punchers chance", GSP/Serra I anyone? Who knew that was gonna happen?

When it comes to watching the fights, what is more impressive to you, a quick knockout/submission, or a 5 round domination that goes to a decision?

I'd prefer the decicion, that way there's no shadow of a doubt that fighter earned the win, there's no argument of "oh they just got lucky with that quick KO". I like the winners to be definitive.

KO's I like to see in later rounds where it has been set up well, instead of out of the blue.

I would have to agree with everything you said on the matter. Now, let's play matchmaker, if you got to plan one UFC PPV, where would it take place and who would fight on it? (No more than 2 Championship bouts)

Mandalay Bay:
Main card would be:

Marloes Coenen vs Gina Carano -145lbs
Cyborg Justino vs Ronda Rousey -140lbs
Jacare Souza vs Chris Weidman
Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar III (at a time Forrest was still healthy)
Rich Franklin vs Michael Bisping

And how do you see those fights playing out in your perfect world?

Marloes Coenen vs Gina Carano -145lbs -Coenen UD. Gina has a great ground game (even had mount on Cyborg) but Coenen has superior grappling and will wear Gina down in later rounds. She'd put on a grappling clinic.
Cyborg Justino vs Ronda Rousey -140lbs -Cyborg TKO Rnd 1. Her hands have developed well over the years and she'll find Ronda's chin early.
Jacare Souza vs Chris Weidman -Jacare Sub late in Rnd 3. Weidman won't outgrapple Souza, he may get him down, but will meet his end there.
Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar III (at a time Forrest was still healthy) -Forrest UD. Think Griffin/Franklin, but with more wild exchanges
Rich Franklin vs Michael Bisping
-Franklin UD. Bisping won't finish him, Franklin wont stay on the mat long if Bisping tries to grapple with him. Franklin will rock Bisping each round imo.

Speaking of Ronda Rousey, how do you think she will fair against fellow Olympian Sara McMann?

If McMann drags this into the later rounds, then she'll rack up the points in rounds 3-5. Rousey won't have the ease of getting dominant position that she did against Tate. McMann is a solid, powerful wrestler, getting any dominant position will take a lot more out of Ronda.

If McMann has great cardio, she'll outwork Ronda.

Time will tell. I can't wait for the fight. Now let's finish up the MMA portion with a question about some past fights. What are your top 5 favorite MMA bouts of all time?

Forrest Griffin vs Shogun I
Gina Carano vs Kelly Kobold (1st MMA fight I ever saw)
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva
Dan Henderson vs Fedor
Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua (I got exhausted just watching that fight).

I have noticed that you take a large interest in boxing as well. Is their one sport that you prefer over the other?

I like both equally, both sports have times where the big matchups aren't there and it gets a bit stale, but when a blockbuster of a fight in either MMA or Boxing comes up, then I'm all over it and my love of the sport is rekindled.

Who is your all time favorite boxer?

Has to be Jake LaMotta, hard chin, always coming forward, always comes to scrap. Not a fan of the man behind the scenes or how he treats women, but as a Boxer I don't think they come any tougher.

How do you feel about the ongoing conversations of Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr fighting under boxing rules?

It's a fun little topic that only serves to keep both names in the news. RJJ in particular, when you go from getting TKO'd in one round by Danny Green to looking half-asleep against a fighter like Lebedev to taking SD fights over no-names, you need to do all the talking you can to keep relevant and in the news.

I have zero interest in the fight.

Would you like to see boxing and MMA merge on a larger scale? (Such as UFC cards having high profile boxing matches on them as well)

Nope, don't blur the lines, just keep both sports separate. If the UFC would want that kind of thing then have more Lytle/Davis-esque fights. Pit more strikers against each other.

I don't see any appeal in a mixed Boxing/MMA event. It's not too bad on the regional scene (or amateur scene). But on the Pro level? No, and any serious MMA/Boxing fighter would surely want to be on a card dedicated to their craft.

If you could make one dream boxing match between 2 fighters from the past and/or present, who would you pick?

I'd really be interested to see Prime Carl Froch vs Prime Joe Calzaghe.
Carl called him out for long enough, I'd liked to have seen how it turned out.
I could see Calzaghe getting the UD. With Froch giving Joe a few scary moments. Froch hits crazy-hard!

And the question that always gets asked, Tyson or Ali?

Tyson. His style of fighting was less detrimental to his health than Ali's (controversial statement I know), and he was damn scary when he was at his peak, Ali was considered greater but never struck that fear in people like Tyson could.

Now let's switch gears and get to know you a bit. What is your real name?

Elizabeth Yvette Grove

And where does Elizabeth Grove hail from?

Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

What are your hobbies outside of combat sports?

Hitting the gym, socializing with my friends, TV, Video Games, spending spare time on MMA forums and generally nerding out on Boxing and MMA.

I have to say, those are my exact hobbies with the addition of other sports. But enough about me. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In a better job, in a better home, surrounded by better people.

Ok to go to the other extreme, if you only had 24 hours to live, how would you spend your time?

Drugs, Booze, and sex sex sex.

I am going to enjoy the comment section about that one.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Paris, it romantic, is cultural, it's in some areas grand and some others so quaint and peaceful. Can see myself settling down there one day.

Well make sure to send some pictures if you ever end up there.

That's all the time we have for this edition everyone. Make sure to thank Cupcake for taking the time to be here with us. Make sure to keep an eye out for next month's All Access that will mark the start of a new era for MMAF All Access as Cupcake herself will put out her first issue of many!

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