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see heres what I don't get, I see a couple of you saying that 3x12 or 3x10 workouts aren't good for MMA or strength training. I will disagree with you somewhat because I use this but also include some 3x8 training. The reason I disagree with you is because I think that what REALLY matters is what exercises your doing. If your doing isolation movement for any workout is bad for MMA it doesn't matter if your doing 5x1 or 3x12-15. If your doing BODYWEIGHT exercises which I tend to use a lot in my training they are all compound movement which is what really matters in MMA, teaching your body to move as one unit and not a bunch of pieces. Exercises like pullups or chinups work wonders for pulling strength also dips and don't forget burpees! CORE EXERCISES try a seated dumbbell rotation, with the right weight and when done properly you can do a lot of reps and it really strengthens your hips and basically your entire core which is the main body "section" used in MMA, striking, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo all comes from strong hip movement.

Another point im going to make is that I see a lot of people on here that focus too much on weight lifting, you can be as big or strong as you want and have the most fancy training routine but if you can't fight none of that matters at all! you can't win fights in the weight room....


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