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Originally Posted by yellow man
keep training ur muay thai with some running or bike or jump rope
circut weight training add muscle while decressing the fat (dont have to go heavy high reps if u want to lose weight)
watching tv 10 push ups every commercial thats like 30 every 30mins
diet eat healthy dont skip meals basicly cut out the chips, and candy. eating 3 meals is important. drink water gatorade milk.
carbs dont cut them out important energy source
cheating you got to cheat a little not big time but like maby 1 time every week have a small snack or candy. if u cant do this right dont do it at all. i found from personal experience when i cheat a little i find the temptation is weeknd. beside i feel guilty after words and i work harder the next day
fruits apples peaches oranges banannas replace all thoes snacks you used to eat (chips candy)

living a healthy life style and you will lose the weight.
i lost 30lbs so far in 3 months. remember take ur time moving into the cardio work ur way into it.
Excellent advice my friend.

Good to hear that you are making such wonderful progress.

I might also add that you would want to eat 1.5x your weight in protein and dont consume any carbs after 8 in the evening.
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