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Originally Posted by Boxing>MMA
Koscheck is better than GSP and KOS will win.
any reasons why you think so? it's pretty easy to say that i think rush is better than kos, and he will win. what makes kos better? cause he hasn't beat better opponents. he really has just one substantial victory and that was over nightmare who in all reality is way over-hyped. how is he better??? this i want to know because rush is one of the most well rounded ww that ive ever watched fight. explosive striking, great sprawl, and top notch wrestling as well as submissions. sure kos has some wrestling and ground and pound, but better than gsp? dude you need to study some more fights before you start making such bold predictions with no spine to back em up. kos is raw and i think someday he has a chance to be good, but he is a long ways away from that right now. if you think that he's gonna beat gsp cause serra did it, it's not going to happen. serra did that to an often injured rush, and serra is a seasoned vet that had a great gameplan and had some luck on his side when he caught gsp. if georges is healthy there is no way in hell kos wins, and there is no way in hell kos is just flat out better, like NO WAY IN HELL.

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