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Originally Posted by dubya
oh sorry, how much do you charge fighters who want you to be their personal trainer? you must be in demand anyways that wasn't my point if you were paying attention...what I said was that it doesn't matter if your doing 5x1 or 3x20 if you cannot fight because your focusing too much on weight lifting none of that will matter, your not being judged on how much you can bench or deadlift, your in a combat sport...If this is your take then maybe you should be a bodybuilder.

Im just wondering why I see more people so concerned about their weight training programs and not skill training which is what makes you a fighter in the first place
Shut the **** up you retard.
First of all that isn't what you said. You made that point after your original point, at theend of your post. Hence the 'Anotherpoint I am going to make...' line.
Maybe I should be apersonal trainer....there seems to be enough idiots like you who don't know shit.

If you don't know that certain repitions of exercises work for strength, some for hypertrophy and some endurance, STFU.
''see heres what I don't get, I see a couple of you saying that 3x12 or 3x10 workouts aren't good for MMA or strength training. I will disagree with you somewhat because I use this but also include some 3x8 training.'' Your exact words.
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