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Originally Posted by dubya
exactly, I said I disagree SOMEWHAT because I use the 3x8-12 a lot and I have experienced quite an increase in strength. ANY form of exercise will make you stronger in some way. You cannot say that doing a few more reps with a couple less sets really makes THAT big of a difference...Your more of a moron for cussing and going on like a idiot on the internet. Chill out, people have different views. If people believed and went by what everyone else said then you woould have a world of ordinary people because we would all be the same, You do not have the right to tell me what I believe is wrong nor do I. This kind of discussion does not belong on an internet forum...
You are an idiot. You increase strength with less than or five reps, 8 to 12 is for bodybuilders and people who want to look good. Do some reading.

If I think you are a retard and you need to shut the **** up, I willtell you are a retard and you need to shut the **** up.

It's not like I came in here cussing, I had to wait for you to do something stupid like act like a sarcastic little bitch when I simply corrected you.
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