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I have a very high metabolism too. At 6'4" and a little over 190. I felt like I was gonna be 170ish for ever....... All I can say is what works for me. I like to start my day off with a mix of Carnation instant breakfast and a slim fast mixed the 2 at full strength for a single serving along with 1 banana.

IMPORTANT: I know you and everyone else just said WTH he wants to gain weight not loose it, WTH did you tell him to drink a slim fast for..... Slim Fast is not a "weight lose miracle" it only works if you only use it and follow their directions only. Along with diet and exercise. The way slim fast works is it is mostly "airy" so it makes you feel full so you stop eating. Its FULL of vitamins and minerals. I use it for that reason, but mainly it helps with the taste of the protein shakes.

For lunch I eat (often times leftover dinner) two chicken, or tuna sandwiches. Along with another piece or two of fruit or veg. I like to always use whole wheat for my bread.

1 hour before i lift weights I drink a protein shake mixed with a slim fast, again both a full strength for 1 serving. This is so I have a little in the tank for with i lift. ALWAYS run before you lift and try to keep that elevated heart rate up while you lift. Stretch after your done, and with in 30-45mins after your done try to drink another one of the slim fast and protein shakes.

The key to the amount of the protein supplement is to dring only around 1 gram per lb of body for you that like 130 grams total per day. So each shake should have 50-65 grams of protein shake.

Eat dinner a good while before you goto bed that way it can be fully, or close to it, digested. For dinner i have to always switch it up. I love pizza and pasta. But thats not good to eat all the time. just try to keep your daily serving of fruits and veg. at around 4-6.

This is all i do and I gained like 10 lbs in 1 mnths, most of it muscle after i started lifting seriously again. Hopefully you can work with some of this. Have fun
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