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Originally Posted by swpthleg
forms are useful for creating muscle memory, it's true, but i am so f***ing sick of being tested on 3-4 of them every time i go up for rank. for green belt i have to know a f***ing 29-move black belt form (hwa-rang) plus a tae geuk form PLUS a creative form and i hate making up forms, for testing this is way too much rote memorization esp when you consider also having to know 15 one-steps, an exercise for stances called earth than has 30 moves or more, long ass punching drills, etc etc. this is why i refuse to test in the 6-mth cycle, especially since i will probably have to take a few private lessons here and there to polish my boxing for the crazy amount of continuous sparring required when we test for rank.
ya i feel you i hate patterns so ******* much i just recently tested for my 1st degree international thats 12 patterns i needed to know which is about 170 motions thank god i passed

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