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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Sad news. I wonder if the fight should have been stopped or if it was just a freak occurrence.

It's not the first MMA related death though. An American guy who was not medically cleared to fight took an unsanctioned fight in Russia (I think). If I remember correctly he was killed via ground and pound.

I'm pretty sure there have been other deaths.
If that's the case then my mistake. I guess I'm mixing up 'no ufc deaths' with 'no mma deaths'

In that case this topic should be moved to general mma

Was of course wondering what the ramifications for the ufc would be etc

Back to the elbow thing. I didn't see the tuf fight with Vic as I have moved interstate and have no fox yet :-(

But to me it seems the argument for elbows on the ground was for realism. In which case it should include knees and kicks (both harder to land imo). Otherwise lets move towards skill and safety and make it punches only. More chances for submissions and scrambles. More action. Just my 2 cents

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