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Originally Posted by HexRei
A) your sig is misspelled.

B) I disagree with you, the fact is that an MMA fighter can still use any style they want to. Certainly a specific style is becoming more defined now as the "well rounded MMA fighter" but fighters still do have different skillsets. Karo throws guys around with Judo, BJ submits guys with BJJ, Hughes wrestles people down, Chuck punches em out and Wanderlei puts his knees in their faces. How much more diverse can it get?
a. I can't see it, therefore I aint changing it.
Seriously whats mispelled?
b. mma is a combat sport nowadays. People do not practice martial arts, they practise MMA. People wishing to fight in the UFC in the future won't take the time to get ablack belt in Jufo ot Karate, they simply go to am MMA gym. This trend is only gonna increase. It no longerbringstogether many styles to compete against each other, just fighters with their own preferences.
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