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Originally Posted by CAPTAIN PEGLEG
Yea I'd say good enough , but a better stand up technique is Thai boxing or Kickboxing I'd say. I used to do boxing but I now do kickboxing, it gives you a better perspective of a MMA fight. In boxing all you do is punch and dodge punches. You don't know how to throw or defend kicks or knees.
Excellent advice. Boxing will improve your hands against boxers, but if your goal is MMA. You'll want to learn the other aspects of what's allowed in MMA stand up: knees, clinches, elbows etc.

You can become a world class boxer, but you will have to relearn a lot for MMA because in boxing you will learn how to throw a right hook, and your trainer will show you how to position yourself to defend.

But in boxing you are not defending a roundhouse to your knee, or an axe kick to your head, or a double leg take down.

My point is that if you want to compete in MMA, you don't want to learn boxing. You want to learn good stand up.

Good luck
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