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Round 1 - Hendricks with two solid leg kicks to start. Lawler charged forward with punches and landed a knee to Johny's chin. Lawler checked a leg kick. Short left inside from Lawler. Hendricks cllinched up against the cage. Short uppercut from Hendricks before they separated. Lawler stuffed a Hendricks shot. Hendricks with a knee to the head in the clinch. Another solid leg kick from Hendricks. Hendricks missed with a big right. Another kick from Hendricks that was checked. Hendricks scored with a two-punch combo, Lawler responded with a stiff jab. A few strikes in a row landed glancingly for Hendricks, who pressed Lawler against the cage. 10-9 Hendricks.

Round 2 - Short left for Lawler connected, and a left hook. Stiff left hook again from Lawler. A couple of jabs landed for Lawler. Hendricks with a kick. They exchanged combos and Hendricks landed another hard kick. Hendricks with a two-punch combo, and knee to the face, and a leg kick. Three-punch combo from Hendricks, and another knee. Lawler came back with a straight left. Huge right from Lawler, but Hendricks ate it. Lawler stuffed a shot. Lawler just stood in front of Hendricks and ate shots while trying to land his own. Left hook connecteed from Lawler. Hendricks came back about 10 strikes in a row, but ate a hammer of a left hook at the bell. 10-9 Hendricks.

Round 3 - Both men with kicks now. Left hook connected for Hendricks. Body punch for Hendricks, leg kick for Lawler. Hendricks with three or four punches, a knee, and a leg kick. He was stringing strikes together very well. Nice left from Hendricks, Lawler responded with a jab. Lawler hurt Hendricks with two lefts and a knee. Hendricks eating huge shots, rights and lefts. Hendricks not nearly as light on his feet. Hendricks went for a takedown but couldn't get it. Hendricks kept rubbing his nose. Hendricks went back to stringing together combinations. Three-punch combo from Hendricks. Jab from Hendricks. 10-9 Lawler.

Round 4 - Inside leg kicks from Hendricks. A big left and knee from Lawler. Body shot from Lawler, Hendricks responded with a left hook. Lawler responded to that with a stiff jab. Lawler scored with a big left again. Lawler stuffed another shot from Hendricks. Hendricks had some blood on his face. Body shot from Lawler. Jabs from both men, Two big lefts from Hendricks. And another. Lawler with a two-punch combo. Back and forth, back and forth. Huge uppercut from Lawler. Hendricks just ate it and threw three hard shots right back. Two jabs by Lawler. Another combo from Lawler. More jabs from Lawler. Hard kick from Hendricks. Hendricks got his first takedown with 15 seconds to go. The round ended with Hendricks getting a front headlock. Very tough to score, but I'd lean 10-9 Lawler. 38-38 at this point.

Round 5 - Big left from Lawler early. Lawler connecting with jabs. Hendricks dove in for a takedown but Lawler managed to stay on his feet. Knees to the thigh from Hendricks. Hendricks held Lawler against the fence for a while until the ref separated them with three minutes to go. Right and a leg kick from Hendricks. Another shot got stuffed by Lawler. Jabs from Lawler. Nice combo and a right hook for Lawler sent Hendricks backing up. Hendricks came right back and backed Lawler off with four punches. Three straight lefts connect hard for Hendricks. And another. Uppercut. Lawler was wobbling. Huge left from Hendricks and he gets a big takedown. Lawler looks annoyed that Hendricks is holding him down, but he's not doing much to get up. Lawler kept shaking his head to the horn. That round was clearly Hendricks, and I have him winning 48-47.

Johny Hendricks defeated Robbie Lawler by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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