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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
The episode started off great but the ending was just shit. No other way to describe it. Just shit. I hung in there this whole season but it wasn't worth it. This is the end for me. Almost all of the characters suck, some are downright unbearable (Carl, Maggie, Glenn). There have been times where the writing was great, but it falls on its face most of the time. I stuck with the show purely because I've been a fan for so long but I don't think its going to make a comeback. Hopefully I'm wrong and the next season turns out to be amazing but I highly doubt it.
Carl really is awful, the longer the show runs the more I hate him.

I'd have bailed a long time ago but I watched the first seasons with a group and that made it enjoyable to have a watching party even if it wasn't great. This is the first season I didn't watch with them, but my girlfriend is a big fan and she isn't stopping anytime soon so I'm stuck.

She's pushing me to start game of thrones so I can hang out with her friends when they watch it. I'm honestly not watching it for that reason, because it sounds like a good show.

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