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Originally Posted by WaCkO92
yo dude i dont really get this whole thing where ppl just say to diet, im tryin to loose weight and i have been doin what i think is a good diet, i eat stuff like granola bars, grain cerials, lean cuisine frozen dinners (lol), and i have a protein shake sometimes

im already part of a gym so that no problem

but i havent been getting results as far as i can tell, is this diet alright? suggest some good foods
Well lean cuisine frozen dinners are full of preservatives (NO good)

And there are a ton of good foods, obviously fresh vegetables and fruits are all good, boiled eggs are a good snack.

Ya need to stay away from the pre packaged meals, and the best meat to eat is chicken, with nothin on it!

And when ya eat, it is good to space it out like have 6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 meals a day.

If ya truely h-core about loosing weight I could give you a diet program, however there is a couple days where you literally have to starve yourself.
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