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Originally Posted by Biowza
Is there any point in betting on 1-1 odds?
In many places 1-1 means you put 1 dollar on you get 1 back, meaning no gain at all if you win. 2-1 means you bet 1 and get 2 back, a win of double your money. 3-1 means you put 1 dollar and get 3 back...etc.

I would just like some clarification on how it works
In many places?? I think you're wrong.
Theres no where where 1/1 odds mean you put $1 on it you get $1 back. If you bet $5 on 1/1 and win. you get your 5 back and also 1x5...

so if its 2/1 and you bet $5 and win. you get your $5 back and $5 x 2

Fedor fights I want to see..

Fedor vs. Josh Barnett
Fedor vs. Randy Couture
Fedor vs. Tim Sylvia - DEMOLISHED
Fedor vs. Andrei Arlovski - DEMOLISHED

hmmmmm, i wonder how many become reality..

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