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Should I take a couple of days off from training?

I'd appreciate some advice from those of you who have been training for longer than a week.

I started training boxing/KB/JJ a little over a week ago. I haven't taken a day off yet and even did 2 or 3 workouts on some of those days.

Last night in JJ and today in No gi JJ/Vale Tudo I noticed that my power is suffering and I'm getting tired quickly. My entire ribcage and sides are sore from being punched and taken down. Also, my elbows hurt pretty bad by the end of the class. Ice and ibuprofen take the pain away and it doesn't return until I go to class again.

It feels like I should take the weekend off but I think I need some validation there. I've always trained non-stop for everything I do athletically and I usually need someone to tell me to rest. What do you think? I can take the pain but I wonder if I should give myself a couple days off to fully recover and come back hardcore again on Monday.

I'm 30 btw and had never lifted weights until about 7 months ago. I've always been a runner and cyclist.

Thanks for your help!
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