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Originally Posted by brownpimp88
So you just started, and you have gone a week straight with out any break, and have been getting more then one workout in on those days? Bro, unless you really know your body and have great cardio and a solid diet, I'd take the weekend off. You sound like you are training pretty hard man. The best thing to do is to take it a little easy, and make the best of your workouts and learning stuff, instead of over training and not learning anything. Nonetheless, don't just sit on your coach on the weekend either. Stretch your muscles, maybe go run or bike seeing as how you like those things. Hope I helped!
You always have good advice man. Thanks! You just confirmed my suspicions.

My cardio and strength are good, but it seems like boxing and JJ are working my body in a new way. I've known I wanted to fight MMA for about a year now and planned it out in advance. I started with weight training and conditioning since I had never lifted weights before. I was running at least 75-100 miles a week for a while, so my upper body was pretty damn weak. So I've lifted weights hardcore for 7 months, more than doubled the weight I was lifting at the beginning (I could barely bench press 75#!!!!). I've been doing plyometric exercises, etc. Once I got to a decent strength/endurance level I joined a mma gym and here I am!!! It is F*&*ing exciting!!!! I think my plan was a good one. I would have been screwed had I started rolling without doing strength training first.
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