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Looking for Advice

Hello I am 19 6'0 tall and 200 lbs, I want to lose around 15 lbs of fat which I have had for 7 years, I do judo 3 times a week for one and a half hours but that is all the exercise I do, I used to go to the gym 5 times a week and do bodybuilder style workouts, but currently all I do is pushups and sit ups at home, to give you a way to judge my fitness I can do around 30 pushups in a set and 60-70 sit ups, I don't really eat too healthy because I just moved out and live alone as a student so don't really know any healthy meals. I am thinking of starting back at the gym but am not sure what kind of workouts to do, as I have heard bodybuilder type workouts are no good for mma type fighting which I hope to get into once I move to a bigger city in a year or so, basically the kind of advice I am looking for is appropriate gym workouts and some examples of healthy meals and any other tips to help me lose the fat.

Thanks for your help in advance

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