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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
21 instances over a 15 year period. Hmmmm....

What about the 2371 times when the UFC has provided us with some fecking awesome fights? Which oddly enough are also entertainment. I know which carries more weight with me.

I tire of all this focus on the negatives.
I agree with this fella. The UFC isn't perfect, Dana drops too many F bombs and they try to revise history and they may or may not pay their fighters enough. All that aside, I love the sport of MMA and the UFC does the beat job putting together exciting cards that are fun on paper and in action. As long as they keep pumping out the most awesome real fights, I'll stay a fan. Let the fighters and their managers figure out the rest. In the words of Chael P. "this is a volunteer army." There are other ways to make a living if the guys dont feel compensated enough.
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