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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
21 instances over a 15 year period. Hmmmm....

What about the 2371 times when the UFC has provided us with some fecking awesome fights? Which oddly enough are also entertainment. I know which carries more weight with me.

I tire of all this focus on the negatives.
Dude got laid with men only 21 times in a 15 years time span. He is still gay...
Zero problem about that, let me emphasize.

Jokes aside, I don't consider being entertainment a negative aspect in UFC. Maybe a characteristic. After all we all got entertained by some crazy fights they made happen out of nowhere.

I loved Toney/Couture and I loved Brock coming and I still think there should be more purely entertaining super fights mixed together, even cross categories open weight challenges. Why not?

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