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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
The occasional good list would be nice though, don't you agree?

Point stands. When the good fights *far* outweigh the stupid matchups, why so much focus on the dumb stuff?
Agree 1000%. I am all for a thread featuring a list of great moments in UFC just to balance things, then. If you start it, I'll follow your lead.

I just don't give too much at this "whole negative" thing. As I said before, There's nothing wrong about being entertainment, IMO, and this list here is not something straight negative, then. Just facts that show entertainment moments in UFC, which is fun to list and comment.

The sad part I always been against is the one you and Liza spoke about here too. Cutting winning fighters because they are not "entertainers". Being entertainment? Totally OK. Cut sportists based on that? Not so much.

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