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Originally Posted by The Best Around View Post
Yes because the 200,000 something buys Diaz got against BI Penn would be a great deal to the UFC right now.
He did 280,000. ON a card that had GSP and Condit on it but was scraped at the last second. In his first UFC fight back where many UFC new fans probably didn't know who he was.

55k more than the card right beforehand that featured 2 title fights. A trilogy Frankie vs. Maynard. Aldo/KenFlo, and oh yea that guy Chael Sonnen. Diaz/Penn did more than 2 title fights + Sonnen. ON a card that was pretty shitty.

Get out of here with that crap. Diaz could sell as much or more than many of these guys with titles. Yea, the UFC couldn't use that at all. When they have Maldonado stepping in for main events.

Yea right dude. Nick Diaz is the only man under 185lbs who could headline a PPV without a title. He has done it twice out of his 3 fights back in the UFC. Sure...The UFC couldn't use that right now. Barao and Aldo both top 5 P4P can't headline a PPV on their own with titles. Yet the UFC couldn't use a guy like Diaz. hahahahahahaha
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