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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Nick's true PPV selling rate is a mediocre 340k... GSP fans are the ones that bought that fight not Diaz fans... And coming off 2 losses Diaz wouldn't be able to draw more then 300k in a non title fight as there is no matches that the people would be that interested to see(hardcores will say Lawler but that won't sell to the regular fans, maybe as a co-main but not as a main event).

Paying Diaz ridiculous amounts of money to come back and fight makes no sense because it sets a new precedence for wages that over a short period of time will quickly cost the UFC more then what they would make off of the 1 or maybe 2 fights they might get out of him before he whines and retires again...

I have said it many times before, bringing back Diaz would be a huge mistake and big waste of time and make the organization look bad. I hope to hell they don't do it unless he comes crawling back and fights at his current contract against a middle of the pack opponent like he should be doing...
Sonnen and Kenny both said Nick is worth every penny of what he is asking. So there are at least 2 fairly qualified people who agree with me. In today's MMA getting 300k out of a WW who doesn't even hold a title is gold. No other man could do that or even come close. Rory? Wood? Lombard? Not a chance.
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