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[Game] Name That Fight

OK I was thinking about this game and I thought we could give it a shot.
Basically what happens is someone describes an MMA fight (preferably in PRIDE or UFC to keep it fairly simple) and the others try to guess the participants and the event.

Whoever gets it correct starts with their own description. Make it as vague or as detailed as you want, but try to make it so people can actually get a grasp of whats going on. Give the fighters names such as 'Fighter A' and 'Fighter B' or 'Grappler' 'Striker' or whatever you want really, as long as it is not their actual name. I'll get the ball rolling with an easy one.

-Big name fight, the main event
-Lots of hype surrounding this fight
-Recent fight, one fighter ~66% favorite

****ROUND ONE ****
A bit of feeling out by both fighters, some jabs thrown but not much action. 'Fighter X' known for his in-ring and out-ring personality grows weary of this and taunts 'Fighter Y' into action. Not long later Fighter Y is rocked hard and goes down. Fighter X jumps on him and rains down punches and elbows, referee stops the fight at about 2 minutes into the first round.

Winner by TKO = Fighter X

Easy fight to get I know, feel free to add suggestions on how to improve the game

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This is by far the easiest and safest pick of the year in mma.
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Nog's only chance is one of his miracle submissions, after taking a beating the entire fight.
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But its not gay if you watch it with a hot chik.
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