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brownpimp88 abusing his mod priviledges

i have never had a problem with this guy .... but he takes offense to be dropping out of the debate saying that i was scared and couldnt hang ... that my 2 sentance wouldnt do well... i have done nothing to him the he pms me and starts bashing me again and saying things that require a response but when i respond to it he says im spamming .... he actually fabricated a warning against me .. hes a new mod and i think he should be checked out he obviously dosent deserve this priviledge..... and he actully told me that if i responded to his last pm .... where he bashed me somemore...that he would ban me .. i think this is just petty... im a paid member i dont cause trouble ... i actually baught another member a membership just for makin me a sig banner that was AWESOME.... i just needed to vent this here becoz he deff needs to be brought to justice....and since he wont let me talk to him privately i have to bring it here so the admin will see it and maybe if anyone else had a problem...

i just dont get it why im a target ... i dont cause trouble

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