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Originally Posted by liveson777
see more insults ... u really need to be loosed of your mod title how can u read the convo we had and say u didnt insult me time and time again.... Mod have a place of authority and should be mature in alot of instances but u just bash and insult and manipulate that convo... every time you would end a pm it would have something i felt that i needed to explan to you but u keep calln it spam ... u just lured and lured just to try to get me banned.. when u should hae just let it go and stop the altercation...
Yes, I do have a place of authority, and I usually do run things with maturity. That is why the only people who have complained about me as a mod are you and the trolls. I don't have anything out for you, but if you are going to annoy the crap out of me like that, and I verbally tell you to stop PM'ing me, you should stop. I said many times things along the lines of "Whatever bud, just stop PM'ing me", but you didn't. Instead you spammed with "No, you whatever bud". You are an annoying child.

Once again, I will state: If I really abused my powers, I would have just banned your ass. But I didn't, because I am a fair mod.

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