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Originally Posted by e-thug
Liveson777 its time to let this go. Your not gonna get anywhere and quite frankly I dont see BP88 has done anything wrong hear.

You dropped out of a debate that many other ppl would have liked to have participated in.

BP88 took a lot of time and effort to set up the debate and you disrespect him by entering and deciding not to participate. I'd be fairly ticked too.

All you needed to do was apologize for wasting his time and im sure it coulda been settled.

Ya wanted to be mature about it, however the mature thing to have done was apologize and let it be. Now your dragging it out and wasting time, cuz there aint a mod out there that will agree with you.

i did apologize but i just got insulted for it also

dude he warned me whci affects certain aspects of this forum.. and told me if i pm him again he would ban me ..i had no other choice then to make it public i would have rather not but there was no other way to talk to him

i felt he did a great injustice to me

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