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Let's Bang.
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Okay, boys!!!

It wasn't exactly my idea to make BP a mod but I did post a topic about he and I becoming mods. I really think that he is a good poster and he does a lot of work here. He's just trying to do his job and he's trying to do it properly. I don't agree with him calling somebody an idiot but when somebody gets annoyed, sometimes they don't know what to say. Put yourself in a similar situation, you feel annoyed by somebody and you don't know how to shut them up.

Now, Liveson. He seems to just be a very friendly guy. He said that he was trying to defend himself and I think that's what he was trying to do. He's done a pretty good job because the war is still going. However the right thing to do was stop when BP said it's alright or something.

I can understand where both sides are coming from and I am sure that we all can. We mostly all have that male pride thing where we HAVE to have the last say and the last laugh. I don't thik that anybody is very right in this situation. Best thing to do would be to drop it.

In consluion, nobody should expect to get people to be on their sides when they haven't exactly done more good than wrong. Mods and members should be aware that people do have feelings. To be told your stupid or to be told that you don't know what you're talkling about or you're wrong, it doesn't feel very nice. It's harder to say you agree with somebody than to say you disagree or to put them down. Some people have no idea how happy it makes people when they are told that you agree with what they're saying or that you like the post they made because some people wouldn't be told that very often. That's not their fault. That doesn't make them any less a fan than what you are. People do have feelings.
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