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Takedown Defense

Yes, I know that this thread exists on page 9 in the grappling section, but I'd like to revitalize it here. Similar to the clinch, even though grappling is involved, I consider TD defense to be more of a standup thing.

Anyway, I'd just like to here people's thoughts on TD defense, their favorite methods against defending various takedowns, and so on.

Though I like sprawling, since it works well and gives me the chance to spin and take my opponents back, I prefer another method if I'm intent on keeping the fight standing at all costs. Its called the 'angle out & pop' method, and I'm surprised by how few people know of it. It works great for defending against someone who's shooting for the legs.

Rather than sprawling, you skip your legs away from your opponent's reach at an angle. If you go straight back, you'll do nothing but prolong the takedown. The second part of this maneuver is equally simple. You just push both arms against your opponents head or shoulders. If done correctly, this sends your opponent falling facefirst into the mat -- or leaves him very offbalanced at the very LEAST.

This is because of two things. First and foremost, you're out of the proverbial line of fire. As such, your adversary can do nothing more than fly by you. But wait! Couldn't he make a last-second adjustment or reach out and grab you anyways? No -- not if you've adequately performed the 'pop.' Your little shove locks your opponent on his original course, and prevents him from turning towards you. However, it doesn't really halt his momentum. Thus, its quite difficult for him to NOT go spiralling off-balance.

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