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I don't know of any name for this technique, but it works pretty well.

When in the MT clinch, place both hands (hand over hand) against on side of your opponents face, preferably near the jaw line, and push. By tilting their head back, you create slack in the clinch and neutralize the power of their knees. Once you've extended your arms far enough, snake the bottom hand to the side or back of the opponent's head (palm against)and guide the head down and to the side. What you do with your opposite hand, during this time, will dictate your options.

If your other arm stays on the outside of theirs, and you maneuver your opponents head correctly, it is easy to then seize a guillotine. Or, if you position the hand under their elbow, while you're guiding his head you can hoist it upwards to seriously unbalance him. From there, it'd be easy to perform a judo throw that could land you in side mount. Either way, you could deliver a knee or two of your own. It'd also be very easy to put your opponent into a headlock clinch.

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